My New Horse


A couple of weeks ago I got a new big suprise. One of my trainers old clients from last Summer had asked her if she had someone interested in her horse. My trainer said that her horse would be a perfect match for me. We talked with her for like a week or so and she brought him to my trainers place to see if I liked him. The first time I got to ride him I almost cried because of how awesome it was. I loved him the minute I started to walk. He was a dream come true kind of horse. He also had a cool name. His name is Rapport. Rapport is supper cool in my option and is very handsome. He seems to like me more than my mom cause he is always pushing her around and being rude to her. Then I take him and he just follows me around and acts like an angel. Every time I go to ride him I fell like a have a better ride than the last one. 
Rapport is already VERY SPOILED! I bought him with my own money a new lead role and a name plate for him halter cause it didn’t have one. Also my trainer when I first ride him looked at my mo and said “You know you are going to have to buy her a new saddle for Rapprt right?” My mom said ” Yah I know, and that means I still can’t get a new saddle.” I didn’t really need a new saddle but I wanted Rapport to be as comfortable as possible. He is my baby and has to have everything. It might sound silly but I just want him to feel loved. 
I am also very excited because my trainer told us that he needed training for awhile because he hadn’t been rode for over 6 months but then last time I rode him she said I could take him home whenever so that means I can see him everyday! That would make this young Dressage Queen very happy. Here is a few pictures of him. 



One thought on “My New Horse

  1. Shirley Strache

    I am so happy that you and Rapport found each other. Sounds like a match made in heaven. And don’t forget, you aren’t the only lucky one. Rapport is pretty darn lucky too!


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