Why I love Homeschooling


The reason I love homeschooling so much is because it gives me the freedom not only to be done before everyone else including my brother, but it gives me the time for me to ride, show, and travel. I can take horses and show or I can travel to show and ride with trainers. I also have had great luck getting good grades too because the home school work is a little more challenging. Before I started homeschooling I was always having trouble with reading and a couple other things or I was just way ahead so I read The Chronicles Of Narnia in two weeks. I am much happier homeschooling. I do get lonely having no school friends but I would rather just have horse friends who will understand me better. There is one thing I hate about homeschooling though. It’s that you NEVER get a snow day! 😊 That’s the one thing that gets me…my friends will be on Instagram saying “hey I’m off its a snow day” and I’ll be like “well I have more school work cause we have nothing to do today!” I have to say though over all homeschooling is pretty awesome.


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