Why I Love Dressage


Dressage to me is more than just riding around the ring and doing fancy moves. Dressage to me is like a magical journey with my horse and we have to half pass our way to the top. Even though I am still at Training Level and First Level I still really enjoy working on other moves with other horses. My two favorite dressage horses are Nitrox and Mars. They are amazing horses. Nitrox is my mom’s horse that she rides and shows. I ride him a lot too. Mars is my trainer’s horse but I ride and show him. My mom also has a horse named Pilgrim that is pretty awesome. He is at my trainers right now and once I get to be a little better in my riding I will get to ride him. I am very excited because he can already do FEI pony. One thing I really love about dressage is freestyle. I love making up your own test to whatever music you want for your horse. I can’t wait to do a Grand Prix freestyle test because I am always like well this part of the song would go great with some piaffe steps.


This Is Nitrox stretching on a lounge line.


This is me and Mars.



This is Mars and me.


This is Pilgrim is getting fitted for his new double bridle. Ignore the mud.


This is me and Nitrox.


This is me and my mom after one of the shows.


This is me and Chip with all his ribbons.



This first picture is of Me and Mars and JJ Tate. The second picture is of my mom and Pilgrim.


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