Saving Money


My mom and I made a deal that I would help pay for my show season this year. Rated shows are way more expensive than schooling shows and with my mom showing her horses too, it gets hard to afford. Our deal was for me to pay for all of my National Pony Cup entry fees and half of my other show fees. I also have to pay my membership fees for USDF and USEF. I won a scholarship in an essay contest to cover my group membership to our area dressage club. I have picked up some jobs around the farm to help me earn money that I can save up for the rest. I am exercise riding and feeding one of the boarder’s horses for her 3 days a week. I make $20 a week for that. I also give another horse his supplement treat everyday during the week since his mommy is at work. She pays me $10 a week. I’ve also picked up a green pony that needs training rides. I ride him once a week and make $20/ride. I have already saved up $630!

Let’s face it, horses are expensive! Not everyone can afford all the expenses that go along with it. There are lots of ways you can pay for your show season, lessons, tack, or any other things you may need or want. You can do what I do to earn money or you can find other ways! Here are some ideas for earning your own money:

1. Good at braiding? Offer to braid horses at shows. Practice at home on your own and take pictures of examples of your work. Post flyers with your phone number at shows you will be at. If your at a large competition barn you can also advertise there as well.

2. Clean stalls at a show. My brother often does this at weekend shows, offering to clean one stall twice a day for $5 for the weekend. One weekend he made $50!

3. Boarding at a barn that offers full and self care? Offer to do the cleaning and feeding of other horses for a fee. The owner will save money and time by being able to pay the reduced self-care fee, and you can make some extra money!

4. Another way you can earn money is by riding others horses for them to keep their horses in shape, called exercise riding. This is my favorite way to earn money and its a lot of fun. I love riding so riding other horses is so awesome because you are riding different types of horses which makes you a better rider. The more horses you ride the more types of personalities, skill levels, and movements you get to try out. So riding other horses doesn’t just help your pocket it also helps you become a better rider.

5. Clean tack. Not the most fun job, but also one most people hate doing themselves, or if they are getting ready for a show may just be too busy and need some help. A lot of people would gladly pay someone to do this for them!

6. I’ve also found some trainers will let you do farm work or chores in exchange for riding lessons. If your parents are okay with you riding, but maybe they don’t want to pay for your lessons, ask your local trainer if they are willing to do a work exchange.


This is Starburst one of the ponies I ride to make money.


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