JJ Tate


imageA couple of weeks ago I rode with JJ Tate who is a really good dressage trainer. I was so excited to ride in her clinic and was so happy when she said I was really good. The first day we had a hot mess and Mars was not being very good. There was something about JJ that made it easier to make him listen to me. JJ helped me so much to make him round and be so fancy. The second day she had me work on counting my strides and stuff like that. It was pretty hard but I was able to find a good rhythm. She also had me tell her when the outside or inside hind leg went forward and I can tell you right now that that was very hard. All the adults wanted to know how a 12 year old girl could do that and my trainer wanted me to teach her how. JJ also wants me to come ride all her ponies for her and some of her clients. I was so excited that she liked me because that was all I wanted to hear was that she thought I was a good rider. That made me feel so confident in my riding that I have been having great lessons on Mars ever since! I just hope that I am going to do my best next year at the shows!



One thought on “JJ Tate

  1. Shirley Strache

    It’s so great to see you achieving your dreams. You are working so hard and all of that hard work is paying off. Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for you!


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