Learning New Moves


Today I rode my trainer’s pony Mars. While he isn’t “my” pony, I have been riding him for two years and I love him like any of my own ponies. He’s really talented and a lot of fun to ride.


We worked on some new stuff I have never worked on before. It was a challenge at first, but I was able to understand it towards the end of the ride. We did our normal routine which was to walk and trot on 20 meter circles. Then, my mom had me do some leg yields and shoulder in. Mars and I have done shoulder in and leg yields a lot in our lessons and they are really improving.


Next we worked on haunches in. I’ve ridden it a few times on other ponies, but this was new to Mars. We had some trouble at first, but we got the hang of it after awhile.  I was so proud of him, he did awesome! Once we got the hang of haunches in, then we started giving half pass a try. We did okay with it, but we lost some bend. I still felt pretty confident with it because I have never done half pass and neither has Mars. I also got Mars to look like a real dressage pony today because I finally got him to get round and pretty for the whole ride. At the end of our ride we did our canter work, including simple changes through walk. We need to work on our transitions to walk being a little cleaner, but they are getting better.


I was so excited to see and feel how much we are improving. We still have a long way to go. Our trot lengthenings still need more power. We haven’t even started flying changes. So we have lots of work ahead of us, but I love riding this pony so I don’t mind at all.



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