My New Horse


A couple of weeks ago I got a new big suprise. One of my trainers old clients from last Summer had asked her if she had someone interested in her horse. My trainer said that her horse would be a perfect match for me. We talked with her for like a week or so and she brought him to my trainers place to see if I liked him. The first time I got to ride him I almost cried because of how awesome it was. I loved him the minute I started to walk. He was a dream come true kind of horse. He also had a cool name. His name is Rapport. Rapport is supper cool in my option and is very handsome. He seems to like me more than my mom cause he is always pushing her around and being rude to her. Then I take him and he just follows me around and acts like an angel. Every time I go to ride him I fell like a have a better ride than the last one. 
Rapport is already VERY SPOILED! I bought him with my own money a new lead role and a name plate for him halter cause it didn’t have one. Also my trainer when I first ride him looked at my mo and said “You know you are going to have to buy her a new saddle for Rapprt right?” My mom said ” Yah I know, and that means I still can’t get a new saddle.” I didn’t really need a new saddle but I wanted Rapport to be as comfortable as possible. He is my baby and has to have everything. It might sound silly but I just want him to feel loved. 
I am also very excited because my trainer told us that he needed training for awhile because he hadn’t been rode for over 6 months but then last time I rode him she said I could take him home whenever so that means I can see him everyday! That would make this young Dressage Queen very happy. Here is a few pictures of him. 



Why I love Homeschooling


The reason I love homeschooling so much is because it gives me the freedom not only to be done before everyone else including my brother, but it gives me the time for me to ride, show, and travel. I can take horses and show or I can travel to show and ride with trainers. I also have had great luck getting good grades too because the home school work is a little more challenging. Before I started homeschooling I was always having trouble with reading and a couple other things or I was just way ahead so I read The Chronicles Of Narnia in two weeks. I am much happier homeschooling. I do get lonely having no school friends but I would rather just have horse friends who will understand me better. There is one thing I hate about homeschooling though. It’s that you NEVER get a snow day! 😊 That’s the one thing that gets me…my friends will be on Instagram saying “hey I’m off its a snow day” and I’ll be like “well I have more school work cause we have nothing to do today!” I have to say though over all homeschooling is pretty awesome.

Why I Love Dressage


Dressage to me is more than just riding around the ring and doing fancy moves. Dressage to me is like a magical journey with my horse and we have to half pass our way to the top. Even though I am still at Training Level and First Level I still really enjoy working on other moves with other horses. My two favorite dressage horses are Nitrox and Mars. They are amazing horses. Nitrox is my mom’s horse that she rides and shows. I ride him a lot too. Mars is my trainer’s horse but I ride and show him. My mom also has a horse named Pilgrim that is pretty awesome. He is at my trainers right now and once I get to be a little better in my riding I will get to ride him. I am very excited because he can already do FEI pony. One thing I really love about dressage is freestyle. I love making up your own test to whatever music you want for your horse. I can’t wait to do a Grand Prix freestyle test because I am always like well this part of the song would go great with some piaffe steps.


This Is Nitrox stretching on a lounge line.


This is me and Mars.



This is Mars and me.


This is Pilgrim is getting fitted for his new double bridle. Ignore the mud.


This is me and Nitrox.


This is me and my mom after one of the shows.


This is me and Chip with all his ribbons.



This first picture is of Me and Mars and JJ Tate. The second picture is of my mom and Pilgrim.

Saving Money


My mom and I made a deal that I would help pay for my show season this year. Rated shows are way more expensive than schooling shows and with my mom showing her horses too, it gets hard to afford. Our deal was for me to pay for all of my National Pony Cup entry fees and half of my other show fees. I also have to pay my membership fees for USDF and USEF. I won a scholarship in an essay contest to cover my group membership to our area dressage club. I have picked up some jobs around the farm to help me earn money that I can save up for the rest. I am exercise riding and feeding one of the boarder’s horses for her 3 days a week. I make $20 a week for that. I also give another horse his supplement treat everyday during the week since his mommy is at work. She pays me $10 a week. I’ve also picked up a green pony that needs training rides. I ride him once a week and make $20/ride. I have already saved up $630!

Let’s face it, horses are expensive! Not everyone can afford all the expenses that go along with it. There are lots of ways you can pay for your show season, lessons, tack, or any other things you may need or want. You can do what I do to earn money or you can find other ways! Here are some ideas for earning your own money:

1. Good at braiding? Offer to braid horses at shows. Practice at home on your own and take pictures of examples of your work. Post flyers with your phone number at shows you will be at. If your at a large competition barn you can also advertise there as well.

2. Clean stalls at a show. My brother often does this at weekend shows, offering to clean one stall twice a day for $5 for the weekend. One weekend he made $50!

3. Boarding at a barn that offers full and self care? Offer to do the cleaning and feeding of other horses for a fee. The owner will save money and time by being able to pay the reduced self-care fee, and you can make some extra money!

4. Another way you can earn money is by riding others horses for them to keep their horses in shape, called exercise riding. This is my favorite way to earn money and its a lot of fun. I love riding so riding other horses is so awesome because you are riding different types of horses which makes you a better rider. The more horses you ride the more types of personalities, skill levels, and movements you get to try out. So riding other horses doesn’t just help your pocket it also helps you become a better rider.

5. Clean tack. Not the most fun job, but also one most people hate doing themselves, or if they are getting ready for a show may just be too busy and need some help. A lot of people would gladly pay someone to do this for them!

6. I’ve also found some trainers will let you do farm work or chores in exchange for riding lessons. If your parents are okay with you riding, but maybe they don’t want to pay for your lessons, ask your local trainer if they are willing to do a work exchange.


This is Starburst one of the ponies I ride to make money.



This Christmas I got lots of amazing stuff. The first thing I got that I am so excited about is my new iPad mini. It is so awesome and I can do lots of stuff with it like update my blog. The second thing I got is a new iPad mini case which is purple zebra. I have a Paris case coming but it is coming from Asia. I also got lots of sewing books, the rest of the Timber Ridge Rider series, infinity scarves, clothes, 1 yard of bubble gum, a necklace, a stock pin, and some makeup. I love all my stuff and I am so grateful that my parents were able to get me all this wonderful stuff. I hope everyone has a magical Christmas like I did. Merry Christmas to all!


JJ Tate


imageA couple of weeks ago I rode with JJ Tate who is a really good dressage trainer. I was so excited to ride in her clinic and was so happy when she said I was really good. The first day we had a hot mess and Mars was not being very good. There was something about JJ that made it easier to make him listen to me. JJ helped me so much to make him round and be so fancy. The second day she had me work on counting my strides and stuff like that. It was pretty hard but I was able to find a good rhythm. She also had me tell her when the outside or inside hind leg went forward and I can tell you right now that that was very hard. All the adults wanted to know how a 12 year old girl could do that and my trainer wanted me to teach her how. JJ also wants me to come ride all her ponies for her and some of her clients. I was so excited that she liked me because that was all I wanted to hear was that she thought I was a good rider. That made me feel so confident in my riding that I have been having great lessons on Mars ever since! I just hope that I am going to do my best next year at the shows!


The Fall Festival


Yesterday, we had our annual Fall Festival. Everyone gets to dress up in costumes, including the horses!

There is also concessions to buy to raise money for our show team to get prizes at the end of the year. We also have a silent auction and a cake auction. I always have a lot of fun at the Fall Festival.

I was a princess and Chip my pony was a frog from Princess and The Frog. He looked so cute!


My brother was the Headless Horseman.


My friend LG was Batman and my friend Caitlin was Superman. Even my Mom dressed up as Barbie!

costumeparade2 costumeparade costumeparade4 costumeparade3

After, the costumes we ate delicious foods. Soon we have the silent auction and the cake auction. The only thing I won was a cowgirl basket. My mom won Dressage DVD’s, a purse, and some cakes. Soon it got dark so we had our pumpkin walk. This is where we put our lit carved pumpkins on the trail. My mom decided that this year for the older kids that we would do a haunted trail walk. It was so much fun! I just can’t wait until next years Fall Festival.